Garden Arbors

Garden Arbors

Garden Arbors

Garden Arbors

Lawn and Garden Arbors

Believe it or not, the arbor design dates from ancient times. In hot weather, new arbors were used as a means of providing a dark passageway. While they are still performing the function, the arbors of today are also used for decorative purposes and for framing gates, walkways, and an occasional bench or two.

There are hundreds of different kinds of arbors to choose from. You may create your own, either from scratch or from materials inside a kit. They are available in a range of ready-made designs too.

If your garden is small, it’s best to use an arbor as an entrance. It provides a privacy feature as well as additional space to grow other flowers, depending on what the arbor is constructed from.

Using a grapevine arbor, for example, helps roses to grow beautifully in all directions. In this scenario, if you choose, you can easily conceal the base of the arbor with small decorative shrubs or the option of a base cover.

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Some arbors in style are fairly plain while others are very ornate. For gardeners interested in architecture, the use of a combination of wood and stone is a common option. The use of various stone colors and sizes makes the overall design even more pleasurable.

Pairing one or more trellis arbors with a spaced trellis fence provides a classic look for a cottage. You might even want to enclose the entire area, depending on the size of your garden space. Install a matching gate (or gates), and you can have your own private backyard paradise for years to come to enjoy.

Planning the majority of your garden is necessary until you determine which form of arbor you want to use.
When you add an arbor to an established garden, you’ll need to fit in with the plants already in place.

Whether you choose to add hanging pots or baskets, which are usually very large, you have to select a powerful enough arbor to support the extra weight.
On the other hand, if you are going to use the arbor to support vine production, the vinyl constructions should be adequate.

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Many imaginative gardeners tend to build unique arbors using salvaged materials. Any of these materials from old doors and fencing to the rustic wire. When it comes to building a one-of-a-kind arbor, remember, you’re limited only by your imagination.


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