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For some people, gardening is a passion.  Some people garden just as a hobby.  For others, it’s a way to feed their families.  

You don’t have to be from a farm or be a vegetarian, or even wear a funny gardening hat to enjoy gardening.  The thrill of seeing your first red, ripe tomato or watching your first stalk of corn reach from the ground can be an amazing experience for many people.

Gardening is also a great way to provide healthy food for you and your loved ones.  When you buy produce from the store, it just isn’t the same as presenting a salad to your family that came exclusively from your garden worked by your own two hands.



Start with a raised bed or a few container gardens in the sunniest section of your yard and grow just what your favorites are.

Some things we’ve heard from people who were frustrated with gardening are; They began too large and the garden was out of control by summer or overwhelming amounts of produce in September that go to waste.

Get the “I’ve grown this!” bug first. Have fun with gardening, and if you want add more beds later. 

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